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I love anime/manga and especially Yaoi!(BoyxBoy)

#1 manga/anime -> *K u r o s h i t s u j i *

● Main Jrock Bias: Gackt, Kamijo

● Main Kpop Bias: Kyuhyun & Gdragon

●Fav.JrockBands:GACKTjob,L'arc~en~ciel, Versailles, The Gazette, LM.C, UVERworld, SID, Girugamesh, Mucc, One Ok Rock

●Fav.Kpop Groups: SuJu, BigBang, 2ne1, Ukiss, f(x), Shinee, b.a.p, LEDapple, TVXQ, SNSD, infinite, EXO,VIXX

●SHIPS(kpop): kyumin, Gtop, kaisoo

Kyuhyun "Musicals are like another opportunity for me… I want to do well in various different areas” →



It is a summer day that craves the coolness of the rain. This is a musical that was produced for those who can’t [t/n: get real rain], to directly experience the pouring rain. The musical, “Singin’ in the Rain”, adapted from the classic film of the same name, uses fresh…


replaying the same level in a video game for the hundredth time


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