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I love anime/manga and especially Yaoi!(BoyxBoy)

#1 manga/anime -> *K u r o s h i t s u j i *

● Main Jrock Bias: Gackt, Kamijo

● Main Kpop Bias: Kyuhyun & Gdragon

●Fav.JrockBands:GACKTjob,L'arc~en~ciel, Versailles, The Gazette, LM.C, UVERworld, SID, Girugamesh, Mucc, One Ok Rock

●Fav.Kpop Groups: SuJu, BigBang, 2ne1, Ukiss, f(x), Shinee, b.a.p, LEDapple, TVXQ, SNSD, infinite, EXO,VIXX

●SHIPS(kpop): kyumin, Gtop, kaisoo

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ok let’s talk for a second

cause during episode 9, while it was very emotional (i won’t spoil too much for you guys who haven’t seen it yet) it made me realize something…
while free obviously has

the male fanservice


the adorable boys


the new characters